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Furniture Assembly Warsaw

Transport + folding + assembly Warsaw, Poland

With furniture it is so that there can be as much nervousness with them as joy. First, yes, we are happy that the moment of replacing the old one for the new one is coming, because we have had enough to look at our old, ugly furniture every day. Finally, we have the opportunity to completely change how our interior looks. It brings incredible relief, therefore, apart from the weight of decisions and budget, buying new furniture is a great joy. Once the entire transaction has been successful, however, stairs can start. It turns out that first of all: furniture requires transport, secondly - someone has to fold it, and thirdly, someone has to fix it at the end. Same stress and nerves. Suddenly, you have to organize a car, and not just any dimensions, and then the moment of delegating the head of the family to the assembly and assembly of furniture will come. A real nightmare. However, you can absolutely overlook this nightmare and focus only on the pleasures of buying brand new furniture. How? Just contact our company.

The company has been operating on the market for years and enjoys an unblemished reputation of customers. Our activity is characterized by professionalism. Real professionalism is not only the ability to professionally assemble a piece of furniture. It is primarily an approach and respect for the client. We are here to relieve you. That's why we start our service when you buy furniture. We have special cars that are designed to collect your furniture from the store and transport it to the correct address. Then quickly and efficiently, but most of all, we carefully assemble your furniture in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, so that you can later mount them in the place indicated by you, using our own tools, so you do not have to worry about it. Once we have completed these tasks, we clean up after our activities, thanks to which long and tedious cleaning after drilling is not necessary. We do it because we want to make your life easier with everything related to furniture.