Assembly, folding and twisting of furniture Warsaw

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Furniture Assembly Warsaw

Transport and completing furniture Warsaw, Poland

Furniture transport
from 120 EUR/h
for 2 persons + car / min. 3h.

Each order is different. One only needs to assemble furniture. Others still need assembly. Yet another group of people urgently needs something more, such as transport. Our task is to respond to the requirements and needs of our clients. We understand perfectly well that not everyone has the opportunity to transport furniture. First of all, we're specialists, but secondly - we're also human. Therefore, we humanly extend a helping hand to our clients and offer them support where they require it. If you choose a professional assembly company, you no longer have to ask any family member or hire a separate transport company to organize a transport, for example, a holiday set. Cooperating with us, you can be sure that your furniture will reach the right place quickly and safely, and our assembly team will get there with them and immediately take off to work.

To this end, our company can boast of a special car fleet. Its purpose is to collect your new furniture from the indicated store and transport them to the appropriate address. In addition, we have equipment that will allow you to quickly or efficiently lift or pull these furniture in the most secure way. We run such a policy because experience has taught us that our clients have different transport and organizational possibilities, and all of them share a common desire: ready-made furniture on site. That is why we have decided to conduct such comprehensive activities in order to relieve our clients as much as possible and bring them the greatest satisfaction from cooperation with us. We believe that no one needs the nerves and anger associated with organizing transport from where and for the last moment. We believe that you do not need begging phones with a question about car rental. We provide you with your own, thanks to which you save time and money. And saving is a priority.