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Furniture Assembly Warsaw

Transport of furniture for furniture showrooms Warsaw, Poland

Our company with furniture has been associated for years. Furniture and we function almost like an old good marriage - we know everything about ourselves practically from the inside out. We know furniture from a structural perspective. We also understand the perspective of average customers, for whom furniture folding is hard labor, black magic, or an average pleasant adventure. We also know, however, how it looks from the kitchen and we understand all the ills of furniture stores.

We direct our services not only to private clients, but also to companies and institutions. We offer such services to meet the needs of the furniture industry itself, not only the last link in the form of buyers. We are aware that transport can be a problem in this industry - especially for small businesses that can not afford the right fleet. And furniture must be transported both to stores and to customers. With this in mind, we decided to include a transport service for furniture stores in our extensive offer. We provide our specialized cars in its scope by transporting entire furniture transports to the following addresses: from the company to the company, from the company to the store, from the store to the house. We will properly secure the furniture and simply deliver it where you need it. We decided that this type of proposal would greatly help many small entrepreneurs, for whom the transport of furniture is not as simple and obvious as it might seem. Practice shows that we are right, because we have already accomplished such orders.

Of course, we also transport furniture from furniture salons to private homes as part of individual customer orders. Services that are so simple and practical are proof that we think about all our clients and their needs. We know what life looks like and we always try to make it easier, not to make it difficult. We encourage you to cooperate with us. Thanks to our help, functioning among furniture can be much easier.