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Furniture Assembly Warsaw

Twisting the kitchen Warsaw, Poland

In furniture stores and kitchen studios you can find lots of furniture that make it easier to work in the kitchen. Most of these types of products are intended for self-assembly and are equipped with appropriate instructions. Of course, not everyone has the time and willingness to do it, which is why we have prepared an attractive offer, which is worth using. Our services include professional turning of the kitchen, thanks to which it will quickly be suitable for use. We are a company with many years of experience and we cooperate with various furniture manufacturers, thanks to which we perfectly know each of the methods used for joining furniture. Importantly, in the event that the customer started turning and damaged something, we can order it and continue the work.

Professional twisting of the kitchen is a very convenient solution, because the furniture is immediately usable. Before starting work, we protect floors and walls, which prevents damage. We have modern equipment that speeds up the work and allows you to quickly cut holes, or level the furniture. We stand out for accuracy and attention to every detail, thanks to which every kitchen we make fulfills its role and presents itself at the same time. We offer the curling of the kitchen at very attractive prices and dates that are convenient for customers.

Each piece of furniture is made in accordance with the instructions in the manual, and we provide a guarantee for your work. After finishing turning the kitchen, we thoroughly clean the furniture and the interior, as well as bring out the packaging. In addition, we also offer professional fixing of furniture in the indicated location and many other services, such as connecting gas stoves, sinks and taps. We provide punctuality and flexibility in approaching the client. Our employees have all the permissions that ensure that the equipment does not lose the warranty after installation. We invite you to take advantage of our services and read the full offer on our website.