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Assembling shopping shelves Warsaw, Poland

Modern shop shelves are necessary equipment for every smaller and larger store. They allow you to properly display the goods, help maintain order and make sales happen without unnecessary disturbances. However, to make them fully functional it is necessary to install them correctly. In our company, we offer professional and quick folding of shop shelves. We are a team of proven and perfectly qualified professionals who have all the necessary permissions for such work. At the client's request, the assembly can be done outside the store's working hours, so that the customer will not suffer any losses due to this. We are flexible and have the best qualifications, and we provide attractive prices to our clients.

Our company has been operating on the market for many years, and the confirmation of high quality of our services is cooperation with renowned producers and sellers of store shelves and warehouses. We offer our services to everyone who values experience and accuracy. The assembly of store shelves begins with a professional security of the assembly site, which allows to avoid various types of damage to floors, walls or goods. We can also quickly and efficiently dismantle old shelves and replace them with new ones. Each rack is accurately twisted using modern tools and guided by the assembly instructions.

We work effectively and without unnecessary stoppages, and each of our employees has all the necessary tools at their disposal. Each level is leveled, and the whole can be combined with each other or attached to the walls, if this is the client's wish. We provide professional folding of shop shelves at convenient times. If necessary, we can also make electrical connections and mount the shelving lighting. After finishing work, we remove the remaining packaging and clean the interior and shelves to allow immediate use of furniture. For more information, please visit our website.