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Assembling the kitchen Warsaw, Poland

Functional and nice kitchen is a showpiece of every home. We prepare meals in it, we eat them, and often it is a place where the whole family meets. For this reason, it is very important to furnish the kitchen and equip it with all the necessary equipment. The choice of furniture and kitchen appliances is really big at present. You can choose both complete sets, as well as choose a body that perfectly matches the dimensions of the interior. In any case, it is necessary to assemble and assemble furniture and equipment, which takes a lot of time and requires the use of various types of tools. In our company, we offer professional Assembling the kitchen, so you can be sure that it will perform well and at the same time look great.

The offer of our company is individually tailored to the needs of our clients. We provide only the highest quality services, which is why Assembling the kitchen is performed by suitably qualified specialists. They include both fitters and installers, who have the power to connect gas cookers, sanitary installations and other equipment. We provide comprehensive support not only in terms of screwing and fixing furniture, but also for connecting all kitchen equipment or internal lighting, eg in cabinets or over countertops.

All work related to the assembly of the kitchen is made after prior protection of walls and floors to protect them from damage. We have the best electromechanical equipment, so hanging cabinets, or cutting openings for wires takes only a moment. Each element of furniture and household appliances are leveled, which increases the safety of use and ensures long trouble-free operation. In addition, we make a comprehensive adjustment of drawers, fronts and handles, thanks to which the furniture looks aesthetically and works flawlessly. You can learn more about our offer on the website or by contacting our office. Welcome.