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Furniture Assembly Warsaw

Our services

Through assembly, we realize all visions of the customer in every possible room. These visions, combined with our skills, will help us create your surroundings together. We direct our services to individual clients and institutions by assembling furniture in packs to:

  • living room, children's room, youth, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, hall, office, etc.

Furniture assembly is not a problem for us. We are not scared by the number of packages or complicated instructions. We implement projects of all known producers available on the Polish furniture market, including ikea, Vox, BRW, Forte, Taranko, Abra, Agata Meble, Arte-M, JYSK and others. We turn all types of furniture: desks, dressers, chairs, office armchairs, beds, cots, lounge chairs, wall units, sofas, sofas, sofas, shelves, bookcases, TV cabinets, etc. Taking care of your floor completely free, protect each piece of furniture from the bottom with a felt so as to avoid any scratches and facilitate its movement.

Taking care of the place where we are invited, the employees clean up after themselves and take the remaining furniture packages to leave them in the same order in which we found them.

After installation, each customer receives a simple and illustrated instruction on how to adjust the fronts (doors, drawers) after loading the furniture, and how to clean and care for them so that they last longer.


Our company has a car fleet thanks to which we can pick up furniture from the store and transport it to the destination address. We also have all the necessary equipment and skills to bring or draw in unusual places.