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Furniture Assembly Warsaw

About us

Montier Mebli is a company whose passion is the assembly and assembly of all kinds of furniture for each room. We have been operating on the market for over 5 years. By gaining the necessary experience, we are able to complete any, even the most complex order. We are professionals in every inch. This feature accompanies us from the beginning of the task until its completion. We have the right equipment. We have the necessary equipment and devices for assembly. We address our offer to individual clients as well as companies and institutions.

Our team consists of qualified staff. It is not only a job that they have to do, but above all a pleasure and a hobby, which makes its performance at the highest level. We are characterized by timeliness - because time is money, and the deadline for work is binding and the most important; aesthetics - furniture is made according to our experience, we use the attached instructions, but we always put on the final look, so that the whole was complete and enjoyed the eye; accuracy - we pamper even the smallest detail for the final effect, we take care of every detail; reliability - work from the beginning to the end is carried out by the same employees, tightening each screw; professionalism - no mistakes, quick problem solving, and above all, a high level of customer service and an individual approach to each commissioned project.

In a wide range of our services you will also find furniture modification, repair, painting, refurbishing and dismantling.

We assemble furniture in rooms, offices, halls, kitchens, hotels, gardens, bathrooms, bedrooms and wherever the client desires. We guarantee quick access, measurement and immediate implementation. Our prices are very competitive. Good assembly, professional team, professional service will ensure that your furniture will serve you for many years, with the maximum use of their functionality. Contact us and check if we have a free time!