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Installation of office cabinets Warsaw, Poland

A comfortable and functional office device is extremely important, because it simplifies the work and allows you to keep order in documents. The range of furniture stores is really big in this respect, so it's easy to find cabinets that fit most interiors. If necessary, they can also be made to measure. The most popular are self-assembly cabinets, which can be ordered online and in regular furniture stores. Their submission is worth to be entrusted to specialists from our company. We have all the necessary equipment for that, that's why Installation of office cabinets are made comprehensively and thoroughly, taking care of every smallest detail that is important for their convenient use and eye-catching appearance.

We are a team of highly qualified and experienced fitters and installers who have all the required qualifications and skills. Installation of office cabinets is performed both at the client's company and in its own office. We set the scope of the service individually with each client, adapting to its expectations. For this reason, all the work can be done also after the office hours, so as not to disturb the functioning of the office. We have modern power tools that significantly reduce the duration of the service.

When ordering Installation of office cabinets in our company, you can be sure that each piece of furniture will be folded in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. We ensure full security of the works carried out, hence, before commencing the assembly, we professionally protect the walls and floors. Hanging cabinets are mounted only in places that meet certain technical requirements and ensure safe operation. Standing cabinets are set in places indicated by the client and leveled, making them stable and reliable. We also help in atypical situations, eg by ordering missing or damaged parts from furniture manufacturers cooperating with us. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our entire offer on the website.