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Installation of projectors and projectors Warsaw, Poland

Buying a projector and projector is a great solution for schools, offices and various types of institutions. This type of equipment allows you to display multimedia presentations and can excellently highlight any show, lecture or conference. However, in order for the devices to work perfectly and do not lose their warranty, they should be equipped with suitably qualified installers. In our company, we employ people with the required qualifications and many years of experience in the assembly of projectors and projectors. We have all the equipment necessary for this type of work and we perform the installation in accordance with the equipment manufacturer's recommendations. Thanks to this projectors and projectors are mounted in a safe way and do not lose the guarantee.

We can carry out installation of projectors and projectors at customer-designated times, also outside the standard working hours of our company or at night. Thanks to this, assembly works do not have a negative impact on the functioning of the institution in which they are performed. We create both ceiling and wall installations, but before starting work, we check the exact location of the suspension. We only use the best, proven projectors' holders, which significantly increases the safety of use and ensures proper functioning of the equipment.

We are accurate and reliably perform every Installation of projectors and projectors. Our installation team can, if necessary, make additional electrical connections to increase the comfort of using the equipment and to avoid having to extend an extension cord through the office or the school corridor. We care not only about the correctness of connection and secure fixing of devices, but also about the aesthetics of the work. That is why we protect the floor from damage, thoroughly level each element and remove impurities after the completion of assembly. We also provide practical information on the optimal configuration of equipment and solutions used. We invite you to check our offer and to order the assembly service.