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Installation of kitchen furniture

The choice of kitchen furniture is a big repair, that's why everyone can find one that will fit the given interior. Self-assembly furniture, which can be ordered in many online and stationary stores, as well as custom-made furniture, is especially popular. Of course, they require an exact submission, for which you need to spend some time. A more convenient solution is to hire fitters from our company who will do all the work quickly and accurately. We offer a professional Installation of kitchen furniture at a convenient time. We are an experienced team of professionals who put great emphasis not only on the correct assembly of furniture, but also on their secure attachment and leveling.

The scope of works related to the assembly of kitchen furniture is quite wide. First of all, we deal with the professional assembly of each element and we make sure that it can be safely set or hanged. Before mounting the hanging cabinets we check whether the place of suspension meets the technical requirements and if necessary we use special reinforcements or fastening strips. Thanks to this, the furniture is secured securely and in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements. What is important, we also make sure that each piece of furniture presents itself perfectly, that's why we pay great attention to proper adjustment of fronts, drawers and handles.

The service of assembling kitchen furniture also includes connecting internal lighting as well as household appliances. We have all the necessary permissions, so that the devices do not lose their warranty. We start our work by securing the floor and walls, which protects them from damage. After assembly, the furniture is cleaned and we provide our clients with practical information on the correct operation and maintenance of furniture. We also assemble furniture equipment, such as cargo baskets or other equipment. A full description of the offer can be found on our website. We invite you to contact our company and order service.