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Furniture Assembly Warsaw

Installation of office furniture Warsaw, Poland

When opening a new office or company headquarters, it is necessary to quickly and professionally assemble the delivered furniture. This is important especially because usually offices need to get back on their feet quickly and keep on working. Professional, accurate and timely furniture assembly will provide the company Montier Furniture. Guided by the experience gained, we will carry out the installation in a quick and convenient way for you.

We start the work by checking and preparing the place where we are to act. It is necessary to recognize the area and operating mode of the office. The best solution is a non-colliding assembly with daily work mode. Employees can either leave the office or stay in the office. This issue is left to be determined. We work 7 days a week adapting to the client's schedule, so as not to disturb. It is important to complete the order as soon as possible. It is possible thanks to the involvement of several employees, which allows us to be flexible, but also accurate and careful.

We also check access to individual rooms, door width, access to the elevator. We secure items that are already in stock so as not to damage them. We check the completeness of furniture sets. Logically and technically, we set up furniture, unloading and assembly. Leave this task on our shoulders - you will not be disappointed!

We are prepared for any problem that will arise during furniture assembly. We try to avoid it or quickly solve it. We have the necessary tools and instruments that are necessary for the assembly of office furniture. We know how much you value the high quality of service and the speed of order fulfillment. We are sure that by choosing our company you are putting on professionals in the industry. There is nothing more valuable than the positive opinion of the client who will recommend the services to potential clients.

Therefore, we invite all owners of companies and offices to contact us, we are at your disposal, providing assistance at every stage of the order.