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Kitchen installation from 150 EUR

Installation of kitchen furniture
from 150 EUR/h for the team / min. 3h.

The kitchen is often called the heart of the whole house. It is here that we usually direct our first steps after returning from school or work. We spend a lot of time in it, preparing meals, talking with family, or even sitting and drinking coffee. This room must therefore be functionally, conveniently and aesthetically arranged. Important furniture and household appliances are important, which is indispensable in this interior. Currently, the stores have a very large selection of kitchen furniture, and if necessary, you can also make them to size. Regardless of which option we choose, it is definitely worth considering using a professional kitchen assembly, which is offered by our company.

With us, the kitchen assembly runs smoothly and very quickly. We are perfectly aware that in the functional kitchen all interior elements must be perfectly matched to each other. Both the stove, the fridge and the dishwasher should fit into kitchen furniture, as well as securely connected to existing installations. We have all the necessary permissions, so that each device is connected in a manner consistent with the manufacturer's instructions, which allows the warranty to be maintained. We work with the best producers of furniture and kitchen appliances, that's why we can provide the highest level of service.

Thanks to our services you will save time, nerves and money. We are the best professionals who have modern equipment and flexibly adapt to the customer's needs. The installation of the kitchen in our edition includes both assembly and installation of kitchen furniture, eg cabinets, countertops and shelves, as well as household appliances and interior equipment, i.e. lighting, handles or knobs. After finishing work, we ensure cleaning up the place of assembly and cleaning the furniture. At customer's request, we can also install a sink, a battery and a siphon, as well as make the necessary alterations. More about the offer can be found on our website. We invite you to use our services.