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Installation of a gas stove

Gas cookers are a popular and often used alternative to electric hobs. Their undoubted advantage is a much lower operating cost than in the case of electrical devices. However, appropriate equipment is required to install such equipment, which is why it is important to hire a qualified specialist for this job. In our company, we employ reliable installers who have all the required permits. We know how important the proper installation of the gas cooker is, that's why we start all work from leveling it. The oven must be stable - this is a guarantee of safe use. We also remember that the producers of cookers require connection by a qualified installer, therefore this type of work is carried out only by authorized fitters.

Most modern cookers are equipped with gas conversion kits, which means that they can be connected to the gas network and the cylinder without any problem. In our company, we use flexible and practical to use flexible hoses, which successfully replace much less secure rigid connections. We make sure that all applicable rules are maintained, the aim of which is to ensure comfortable and above all safe use of the kitchen. Thanks to us, the installation of a gas stove will run very smoothly, and the customer will not lose the warranty on the device.

Our services are attractively priced, and we always adapt the terms in terms of customer expectations. The connection can be made at any given time and we remember that the device should be professionally protected against damage during assembly. We only use the best materials and professional tools, thanks to which the installation of the gas cooker runs smoothly. We are prepared for every situation and we care about the aesthetics and safety of the work. After assembly, the cooker is immediately usable. Feel free to contact us and arrange the date of assembly.