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Furniture assembly from 50 EUR/h!

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When you get to the last card on our website, you receive a summary of the work and their prices. Guided by the experience gained over the years, we have created a furniture assembly price list. We have included both basic and more complex works in it. In the case of extraordinary orders, the valuation of assembly and assembly of furniture will be made personally after consultations and the final project.

The price includes the service of assembling / assembling furniture due to the type - children's office, room. With some there is much more work while others are less. All neighboring works starting from the logistical preparation of assembly, bringing furniture or their delivery (it can be priced separately depending on the distance) by securing the room where the work will be done, adjusting the hinges and door, leveling the furniture, and setting them in a suitable and convenient way for your place. The price also includes cleaning up the position and use of our instruments and tools for work.

Furniture assembly from 50 EUR/h!

We also need time and preparation for each order. Please check availability dates after contacting us. We will try to choose a convenient date for you that will not interfere with the work we do elsewhere. Employees will always be at your disposal during assembly. They will provide advice and help, also suggest what and how to make the furniture functional and ready for use immediately after submission. We also value your suggestions, therefore we encourage you to pay attention to the details that you would like to extract.

In a wide range of our services, you will find, among others:

  • assembly and assembly of furniture;
  • modification / modification of furniture;
  • repairing furniture;
  • painting furniture;
  • renewing furniture;
  • disassembly of furniture;

The prices include the contribution we have to put in the work we do. We save your valuable time, which you can use in a different way. Interested? Phone: (+48) 660 248 775.

*** ATTENTION - we are not related to the companies ikea, Agata Meble or BRW (Black Red White) a cooperation agreement; We are a professional assembly company from Warsaw, we have been operating for over 6 years and we specialize in assembling and transporting ikea furniture. ***